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About the National Committee

The National Committee or NC, are volunteer panels which:

  • Promote the UWC movement
  • Select new students and prepare them for the UWC experience
  • Raise scholarship funds for future students
  • Server as a support and communications system during and after students' time at their respective college's, in order to maximise students' UWC experience
  • Organise network events for UWC alumni. 

The Nation Committee is a unique system through which students enter the UWC colleges. It is the mandate of the National Committee to select students based on their suitabilty, potential, merit as well as publicise the UWC movement, raise scholarship funds and support UWC throughout their UWC experience. 

The National Committee exists in over 130 countries worldwide, and while each National Committee acts independetly of each other, they are all overseen by the UWC International Board and it's Secreteriat in London. 

National Committee Vision: To be representative of, and contribute to, the UWC community as whole and all its organisations.

National Committee Mission: 

  • Select the best possible students for all United World Colleges and Short Courses that represent the diversity of Great Britain in order to enrich the UWC movement 
  • Maximise opportunities for young people in Great Britain to take part in a UWC experience 
  • To nurture an enduring commitment to the UWC ideals in Great Britain
  • Provide support for current students selected by the committee and their parents in order to maximise their UWC experience.

What does the National Committee do?

The primary objective of the national committee is to select suitable representatives from Barbados for the UWC experience. Additionally, some applicants areoffered the opportunity by the committee to do short courses which last 2 weeks in various parts of the world every year.

The National Committee are also responsible for raising awareness of the UWC movement in Barbados and to ensure wide representation of applicants from different economic and cultural backgrounds to ensure that applicants reprisent the wide spectrum of Barbadian society.

The National Committee acts as a link for graduates living in Barbados. It is also an information source for anybody in the UWC community looking to get actively involved in any UWC realted events, as well as for graduates looking for local contacts in Barbados.

Open meetings and social gatherings are scheduled all over Barbados and graduates are encouraged to attend so they can meet other UWCers in their local areas, and keep up to date on UWC and National Committee issues. The UWC 'connection' continues to be an important part of many graduates lives long after they leave UWC, enabling them to meet like-minded individuals working or studying in similar fields, or having similar interests.

To contact the Barbados National Committee please contactus at