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Students will be selected on merit, taking into account the criteria of the scholarships, the education standard of 10th or 11th grade students in Barbados and the attributes required for a student to succeed in UWC. As in UWC selections throughout the world, the selection process will have various elements, including written applicationsgroup work, and interviews. The aim will be to assess each applicant’s all-round ability in the context of their background and potential to make the most of a UWC opportunity to be the next generation of leaders in positive change upon their return to Barbados.

Successful applicants will receive a scholarship based on financial need. Preferences for geographical locations are not guaranteed. No application can be processed without parental or guardian consent.

Selection Process

All application forms are carefully read by a team of objective reviewers - they are all intimately familiar with the UWC movement and are looking for candidates with the potential to thrive in the unique environment of a United World College. Each application form is read by at least three reviewers and between them, they draw up a short-list of candidates to interview. Short-listed candidates will usually demonstrate a commitment to community service, personal initiative, and academic ability. Please do note that because of the high quality of applications we receive, some strong applications will not be able to be short-listed.

Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview.

The Individual Interview 

This interview is approximately 20 mins long. The selection panel will be led by representatives of UWC Barbados and will comprise alumni and other invited participants who are knowledgeable about the UWC movement. In this interview, you will be interviewed by a group who will ask you questions about your application, your interests and what you hope to gain from a UWC experience. While the interview can feel nerve-wracking, we try to make it as informal and friendly as possible. Remember, we want to interview you, not your nerves, so do try to relax and enjoy the experience for what it is - a chance to meet lots of fascinating people from all over the country and find out more about the UWC movement.

Nomination process:

Successful candidates are nominated to specific UWC schools and colleges. The schools and colleges generally accept the nominated candidates on the recommendation of the National Committee but reserve the right to make the final decision on every candidate.

Filling out the Application Form:

Applications are done through the online portal that can be accessed via our website at UWC APPLICATIONS 2024

To fill in the application form:

  1. Ensure either your nationality or residency in Barbados to be eligible. The committee reserves the right to ask for further proof of residency and to reject any application that does not meet the residency requirement. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, do not hesitate to email us. You are only eligible to apply to ONE national committee at a time.
  2. Please also note:
  • An application is made to UWC and not to a particular school or college (although you may be asked to state your preference)
  • Only one application can be made to UWC. You cannot apply through two different National Committees
  • Applicants with disabilities who are self-sufficient in their everyday needs are encouraged to apply
  • All information provided to the National Committee is held in the strictest confidence and is not shared with any third party. The National Committee maintains a database of student and parental contact information for the purpose of disseminating important notices, invitations, and alumni news.

The deadline for this year's application is January 15th, 2024.